The Belgian design agency ‘Hoet Design’ has come into existence in 1989 with the creation of distinctive glasses which are (in the meantime) sold worldwide by now under the brand Theo. Since 2002 this innovative agency has also devoted itself (as well) to the creation of its own exclusive collection of glasses known as Hoet Eyewear, a sunglasses collection Cabrio and a range of accessories and displays for opticians under the name of Hoet Eyecatchers.
In 2013 Hoet was the first to bring out 3D laser-printed eyeglasses in titanium, called Hoet Couture.

Hoet continues to accept design projects from companies, which the studio undertakes from design up to realization.

Vision: sight and insight

Limitations stimulate creativity

The essence of furniture design by Hoet is the continuous questioning of that which appears to be obvious at first glance. Each object, each concept is followed by a question mark. There is no ending and no beginning; it is a scene within an evolutionary process.
Questions beget answers, which in turn beget new questions.
Existing structures generate new forms and concepts.

We convert ideas into matter, we experiment with new materials and technique to create an exclusive design, signed by HOET.

Freelance Design

Besides the creation of eyewear and eyecatchers for optical shops, we also work by assignment. The glasses for THEO (Eyewitness & theo) are probably best known but the orders can be various: for BONAMI we designed displays, mannequins and a stool. Together with the company TAL we’ve developed an outdoor lighting; the coating of the Kite Bonelli binoculars for SIGHTS OF NATURE was designed by us, as well as a mirror and a lamp for DEKNUDT DECORA NV.
Our latest realisation, the umbrella Mariline is the result of a Bruges collaboration between the umbrella factory SYMO and designer Bieke Hoet.
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